Motion Graphics in Yellow, Several 3D techniques

Visuals made with: Maxon Cinema4D and Adobe After Effects.
Audio played with KORG microStation and edited in Garageband.

The fun part is most likely that it could be made it in blue, however the glow on the objects are more beautiful in yellowish orange, so there you go!

Lights (visual) are emitted. The blocks are clustered with MoGraph. Liquid forms are metaballs. Dynamic spheres are hand painted. Yellow hairs with a (animal) collider. My personal favorite the yellow flowers is really one object subject as guides in a hair object. Information arrows on a helix spline. Together the strings are connected with a dynamic tag (zero gravity). Mospline (mode turtle). Boom there goes the black box.

All these motion graphic techniques are possible to use for commercials, advertising, documentaries, company and product presentations/visuals.

The audio/music is produced on a KORG microStation, where would you be without music?

3D Creation and music by Stephan Helmhout

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