3D animated infographic - 3D Bridge simulation -

This is an animated 3D infographic about placing a non existing bridge in an environment.
All 3D aspects can be combined with photo's or video. You might have seen it before, maybe in documentaries on Discovery Channel or National Geographic.

If you are a documentary maker or film producer this is a good way to enhance your production. Use animated 3D objects which are not there yet or needs to be explained. Everything is possible, the sky is the limit.

We can provide you with a wide range of possibilities. Visual effects, and how about 3D objects like this bridge. It could be any kind object like buildings, a plane, boat or products, existing or non-existing. You name it we create it for you.

For any questions or more information about this type of graphic please write us an email.

This kind of visualization technic can be used in commercials, video, documentaries, business presentations and any other movie or presentation you can think of.

Music: by Stephan Helmhout

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